Can you imagine anything better than being asked by a brewery in the town where you live, to create a whole new brand for them?
Then illustrate all the labels and pump clips plus marketing and publicity!
And it's happened to me twice!
The Barnsley Beer company liked what I'd done for Wentworth but wanted a totally Barnsley sound to the names of the beers.
Hence COIL OIL which I'm proud to say was one of mine.
I don't suppose anyone outside the S70 postcode has a clue what it means, suffice to say, it's where a miner's allowance of the black stuff was stored, usually in a bunker outside or in a cellar or shed.
The strapline to Barnsley Blonde is, as Billy Casper would have said, a little belter. "Who wa she wi? She wa we er sen".
We are actually recruiting for a new batch of names so please feel free to assure me someone is reading all this by getting in touch with some suggestions.
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