Over 30 years of ideas represented in these dog-eared, well travelled and well loved notebooks and sketchbooks. I'd been determined since artschool to never be without a pencil and notebook of some sort. Like Dumbledore's pensive they act as a kind of portable second brain.
OK, so over the years they've evolved into some kind of fetish item, and I currently have somewhere in the region of 40 brand new little gems waiting to to be opened and recorded in. If anyone would like to come and see them, I get them all out once a week and appreciate them.
The quality of the notebook often influences the productivity, that certain waxiness that soft HB has when it glides and traces over fresh creamy white cartridge! Mmmm.
In this very final image you can see the finished artwork that was initially sketched out in a WH Smith's A4 superior cartridge hard back notebook.
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