I was ready to leave school at 16 when I discovered that the navy wasn't such a great option and that there was something called 'Art School" where I could go to and develop my artistic talents.
Having studied at the school where the classic Kes was born (Barry Hines taught there) getting good career advice was paramount.
But before making my decision to go to Art School I had written to around a dozen or so advertising agencies in the Sheffield and Leeds area asking for a job because "I liked to draw".
Most replied, remarkably enough, and all recommended further studies before embarking on a career in advertising.
Good advice and most satisfying to have actually illustrated for some of the longer standing agencies that were still around after I graduated in the '80's.
I've worked for local companies, national big names and international giants, and still do of course.
The Nationwide posters depicted here were from this summer (2010).
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